Jun 28



Good morning Punters,


Back from my walk and live horse races today, c u then, James

Jun 27



When in full swing shortly, on all codes I would say I should be tipping 4,000 - 5,000 winners per year

all all prices plus over a million dollar worth of extics, easy.



Jun 27


I globally do fitness ratings that win probably more than any in the world on all 3 codes.

Doing may 20 - 30 tracks a week, that is supported in the media by 30 experts who get paid and just

cannot quite pip me.

So my wages should be times 30 per year?


Jun 27

 Evening winners is turning into a prime service for our punters, win win win win win, it keeps going Jim

Jun 27



Horse racing news is on about 40 racing sites and punters cannot help but miss stories from around the world.

I just havn't got time to copy and paste these articles, though I read them all.


If something really is of benefit to our punters I will post, but just too many story that don't

assocaite with winning.

I do like following the future and directions of top trainer, Chris Waller though, who is setting up

now in Qld also, so he has QLD, NSW and VIC stables, a massive ask for any person.


But he is very good at what he does.



Jun 26



  1. Thats all thanks and see u again this week rt plenty of winners and some priced 2nd picks getting and great place bets, plus trifectas rt


    Launcestons 1 looks well others 5-3 rt 1 jumps well cannot kick up yet, goes after the 3 with 5 there 5-1-6-3, 5 pays $11.60 huge rt

Jun 26



  1. 1m1 minute ago

    Angle 8-3-4 rt 8 flies the boxes and leads well, all over in a sec. 8-4-3 so far, another winner 8-4-3, fair dog here rt


    Angle 8-3-4 rt

Jun 26


As always dogs and trots on fire.

albion dogs 2-1-5 rt

2 leads from 2-5-8, 2 in front and home from the 5, 2 x mile now 2-3-5, another winner rt

Now THATS ENTERTAINMENT and another winner.


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