Aug 20



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How any greyhound club can increase their turnover with a Fitness %?

Welcome to the only web site in the world that rates greyhounds and horses in a percentage of fitness for more wins

for punters WITH NO FORM STUDY.

I have been in racing since 1958 and fitness consult for Mr. Chris Waller (Winx)

How to increase your clubs profits:

1.    When trainers kennel their dogs over the table take a digital photo of the dog.
2.    I then need to know the race and box number of the dog.
3.    Auto email me the photo and I will place a fitness % on every runner for your meeting.
4.    You tell punters, TAB, Betfair how fit every dog is hours before they jump.
5.    I will tip more winners on fitness and you will have many new punters.
6.    There are many software options to show a dog’s fitness % online.

It’s that easy and clubs need to keep up with new technology.

*There are limited opportunities because of multiple kennel times, so get in first.

Please contact me further for more details.

Best Regards

Mr. James Conway


Aug 20



28.8 Advanced Fitness Punting.


Hi members.


Live streaming really lifts the bar on winners for punters. 6 hours of nonstop information on

horses in the next upcoming race and their fitness levels.

On Saturday we identified 6 good bets and they all won, amazing stuff and a real advance fitness punting edge.

My mission this week is to link up my live streaming on many social media platforms at once.

Plus I already have an affiliate racing web site that wants to take the live broadcasting.

It never seems to end, but again new software never ends also.

All good and on Saturday I had 1 of many pro punters join.


Live streaming this week is Tuesday/Thursday and Saturday.


Only on





Aug 18



ZIGGY is in a dug out wooden canoe frantically rowing up the Amazon in South Africa and should land at Tullamarine some time next week.

He could be bringing the Gobble Gobble witch doctor with him to cast winning spells on punters.

I am excited, he is good.

Oooba Woomba Goombaa!

Good morning members,


$29,000 profit so far this week.


Aug 18



Good morning live forum up again and will update.

Aug 9



Hi members, nice work this week.




Profit $22,000, 33 races: 30 fitter horses won, 91% strike rate, ROI 350%.


Lays 10 with 1 place loss, 90% strike rate.


1362 RACES with 1245 Fitter horses have won 91.40% strike rate.


ROI closing in on 15,000% now and $2.2m in exotics tipped.


PLUS winners in UK, FRANCE and SOUTH AFRICA on Betfair forum at midnight.


Back Saturday.





Aug 9



We are live today after lunch again punters, great profits yesterday.


Value rough banker in (1) BIG OVERS AT $41.00 WINS, dividends here $18,500.


MASSIVE. Canterbury 1550m  Race 5.

Aug 8



Don't bet in Adelaide, once the winner skips away most races the jockeys spit the dummies and a runner from back gets

up in the placing when it should not of.


The riders failed to ride their horses out for placings.



Aug 8



Value rough banker in (1) BIG OVERS AT $41.00 WINS, dividends here $18,500.


MASSIVE. Canterbury 1550m  Race 5.


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